Friday, September 21, 2012

Balot: The King Pinoy Of Evenings

I received several emails and comments, some contain constructive criticism, some are overwhelmingly flattering, some confusing. My favorites, however, are those that express mutual excitement on what this site is all about – pride in everything Pinoy. One interesting suggestion (she requested that I withhold her name) is to write about Pinoy delicacy.
Why not?
If there is one thing we will never run out of, it is the unique menu of mouthwatering, totally awesome, worth dying for food. The best part is that these don’t necessarily cost you an arm and leg. These are always available in your kanto-canteen for less than $1 (P50.00). A single serving of one Pinoy delicacy can more than drive the biggest construction workers that have the body of a quarterback times three as long as there is about five cups of rice, some kind of sauce and water, Pinoys are ready to rock their meal times.
Perhaps the second most popular delicacy from the Philippines is our good ‘ol BALOT (first is arguably Adobo). I know some of you are most likely cringing their disgust as not the entire country dig it but you have to admit this is one kick@ss delicacy that is our and ours alone and if your are down with it, tastes f***in’ awesome too.
Almost all friends I have from other countries who have come here and were (un)fortunate enough to get their hands on a balot or two admit that this is the most vicious, brutal, and throat-crushingly hardcore delicacy they’ve tasted in both good and bad way. Dude, they at least fry snakes and rats in Africa, by the time it is served to you, it looks like your ever familiar golden fried chicken and tastes like one too but our balot ever so proudly presents itself to the one eating it in complete anatomy – feather, eyes, fully functioning intestines and nails – as you put it in your mouth for a sumptuous meal.
Then there is the overwhelmingly unique way of getting hold of a balot. When the moon dominates the sky and beds are waiting for its owners, the classic chant that deserves the International Hall of Fame for Musical Achievement wakes everyone up – BALUUUUUTTTT, PENOYYYYY, BALUUUUUUTTTT.
You buy it and expertly find the rounder side of the egg for a ceremonial eggshell breaking either by slamming it against a wall or a table or against your companion’s forehead. Peel it slowly, gulp soup that tastes devilishly heavenly until you are now down to the real business – egg yolk and the 18-day-old duck.
hmmmm, now i need to get one of those
hmmmm, now i need to get one of those
Yeah, it even made its way to Fear Factor, Amazing Race and Survivor as a part of a challenge. Contestants that could finish the balot on their plate wins a precious stuff like $50,000, a car or whatever it is the TV program is giving away. One of the contestants said “If they came and offered me the $50,000 right now to just eat one more, there is no way I would do it again, there is no way.”
Could you imagine that? Balot in exchange of $50,000? Balot is a prize in itself, weenies.
I hope, though, that you will see past through the attempted humor in this article and onto the value of what I am talking about. Other countries may be serving balot but not the way Pinoys do it in the Philippines. It is one of those things that makes you remember the Philippines when you are in the middle of a cold winter night in some snow-filled country with fondness and smile and at the end of the day, that’s what this country is all about – happiness that no one else gets but Pinoys.
Lovely Dinner
are you digging this?

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