Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Paskong Pinoy: Ain't Nobody Can Do it Like We Do
Christmas for Pinoys is one big production number. All OSCAR Opening number put together and multiplied by 34,554 times won’t measure.  In most families, someone will always take the role of the director, the one who thinks of all gimmicks and crazy stunts to make the Christmas Eve better.

And from this director, here are some of the unique things that come out of it. 

There is no other part in the world where a group of children can go around the neigborhood with Soda crowns as a musical instrument to accompany their unrehearsed rendition of “Ang Pasko ay Sumapit” and we are certainly the only country that turns away carollers with nothing but a “patawad” statement. 

Monday, December 17, 2012

Hernando Guanlao: The Book Guy

Image Source: Philippine Daily Inquirer

The president of my high school and about half of the teachers there hated me. I don’t know why. Actually, I do know why but I just don’t give a fine f$%^. However, to serve as an intro to this piece, I will recall one of the many reasons they would have loved to have killed me, mutilate me and then sit on my lifeless body while laughing.

One of the things I clearly remember as the source of their hatred is my consistent record of reading books. Yes, they hated me for reading books. Alright, I need to explain this a bit.

I liked and still like reading books. Most of our teachers were fresh graduates and most of them weren’t good. They were so bad, they inspired me… to sleep. I developed an unprecedented skill of in the middle of lessons. But I passed my exams because I got everything they were teaching through books. When I got sent to the Principal’s office, I told the Principal they’ll save money if they just give us books and fire the teachers.

I got suspended. I spent my free time reading more books… and watching Voltes V.

Monday, December 10, 2012

Alex Niño: International Pinoy Comic Book Illustrator

It’s a sad day for Filipinos. The greatest pound for pound boxer, Manny Pacquiao, was knocked down cold. I have been watching boxing since I was born and I have never seen a knock down that bad. Not that it changes how I feel towards the Pacman but come on, it’s hard to see your idol go down.

In the interest of cleaning up some of the shit that’s currently dominating the hearts of the Pinoys, I’ve decided to proceed with our weekly Pinoy pride fix and hope that while you are reading this blog, you will start feeling better. I’ve also decided to do something cool, something that cuts across all segments and ages, the comic book industry.

When people talk of International Filipino comic book artists, the name Whilce Protacio comes to mind. You can’t blame them. When you create a character like Bishop, who can sit his ass like a boss and still be able blow up the whole world by absorbing the energy of all superheroes within his vicinity like mother effin’ black hole, you deserve respect. People need to be wave their hands left and right and scream like they’re in the middle of damn Metallica concert. Protacio is so badass one entry in this blog is not enough. He needs a monument, damn it.

Monday, December 3, 2012

EDSA Revolution: The First Bloodless Re Effin' volution

Benigno Aquino Jr. and Ferdinand Marcos

 When you have a tank, like one of those bigass tanks that can roll onto any car and crush it so bad it would spit out every single the freakin’ spare part like a stomach in a three-day diarrhoea and guns that could blow brains out like a freakin’ fireworks in New York and you get a direct order from your superior to shoot those mother effers and you kinda have no choice because you’re a soldier and you swore that you will follow the orders of your superiors, you will have no choice but shoot them. And quite frankly, you are gonna enjoy firing those. As much as it is noble for us to think that soldiers are there to defend the country, let’s be honest, most of them just enjoy wearing those uniforms, holding those guns, and having some chance to fire those bad boys at some point in their lives and feel no remorse because it’s their job anyway.

Well, that’s exactly the situation our soldiers were in back in 1986.

Monday, November 26, 2012

Jesus Villamor: Probably The Greatest Filipino Pilot

Jesus Villamor
The date was December 7, 1941. Hawaii woke up at the sound of death. For some reason, the Japanese decided to go Rambo on them. Carrying their Samurais, bayonets, and then state of the art fighter planes, they went on an all gangsta mission to totally annihilate the Americans. Body parts flew, red rain started pouring, and the air was filled with screams that could have easily passed as a sound effect on a Kevin Smith Slasher film. 

Americans were like, ‘mother fu…’ then died.

While Americans were running low on their wits, five Filipino pilots were chillin’ in their kitchen cutting up the tomatoes to go with their deep fried tinapa, garlic rice, and kapeng barako which they just scored from another Filipino soldier from Batangas. Okay, that breakfast part is fictional but the point is that there were five Filipino soldiers who were overflowing with awesomeness that they went to their commander and promptly reported for duty and said they can probably do something about the Japs.

These five were Capt. Jesus Villamor,  Lt. Geronimo Aclan, Lt. Godofredo Juliano, Lt. Jose Gozar, Lt. Manuel Conde, and Lt. Antonio Mondigo and it is important to note that they weren’t even in Pearl Harbor, they were in their base in Batangas.

Monday, November 19, 2012

Dado Bonatao: Filipino Billionaire in the U.S.

That computer or phone or tablet which you are now looking at, 30% of that is made of a Filipino invention.

Just in case that wasn’t clear enough, I’ll rephrase it. Thirty percent of every computer’s make up - whether it was made Apple, IBM, Samsung, Neo, or whatever  -ever manufactured in the whole damn world was invented by a Filipino, Dado Bonatao.

Dado Bonatao’s dominance is Silicon Valley actually started before Silicon Valley started. He shook the computer world so hard with his chip inventions, the intergalactic God of all computer hardware puked his intestines out and still hasn’t quite recovered to this day. Dado Bonatao is the man responsible for making the graphics on your computer look good.

Before we get into the details of his brilliance that catapulted him to being a legitimate billionaire complete with his own jet and brushing elbows with the likes of Bill Gates, let’s first get to know the amount of badassery he needed to show just to get to where he is now.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Jess Espanola: First Filipino Emmy Award Winner

[originally posted 2010]

Jess Espanola is hardcore.

He won an Emmy Award back in 2008 for his work as an Assistant Director for the Outstanding Animated Program (for programming less than an hour) Simpson’s Eternal Moonshine of the Simpson Mind.

He never allowed anyone to stop him from pursing his goals, did not permit life-threatening hunger and exhaustion to stop his hands from drawing, and has ten million layers of padding to protect his spirits from all the failures a poor Pinoy could ever encounter in that big bad world of Hollywood.

Jess is a poor boy from Kalookan and when I say poor, i mean f***in’ poor. No one is considered an illegitimate child nowadays. The law pretty much declares every child ever born with equal rights. That’s cool but that wasn’t always the case. Until recently, the law was a d!ck to give only 50% of the rights of a legitimate kid to an illegitimate one. Jess knew it all too well. When his father learned his mother is pregnant with him he said ‘i’m sorta outta here’ and he bounced on them. Luckily, someone was kind enough to adopt his mother.

Monday, October 29, 2012

Arnis: Truly Pinoy Truly Badass

You can say what you want about Arnis, a.k.a. Kali, a.k.a. Eskrima. You can argue that it was actually the Spaniards that brought it to the Philippines. You can even say that no country or race can actually lay ownership to the sport. If you have giant b@lls, you can even say it actually came from the Chinese or Japanese and it is an evolution of their Samurai culture.

But you have to admit, you can’t be more Pinoy than Arnis is. It’s simple and it freakin’ kicks asses like Hulk on steroids. If you are one of those people unlucky enough to ever cross an Arnis master, you would know that pissing off an Arnis master is like pissing off Zeus who hasn’t gotten laid for more than 80 days. One solid hit in the head of that wooden stick and you’d feel how a goddum tsunami would feel like if it enters your brain.

Monday, October 15, 2012

The Ultimate B@d@$$: Ferdinand Marcos

The Philippines has several kick@$$ entries in the Guinness Book of World Records, the most prominent of which is the utterly b@d@$$ Ferdinand Marcos as the greatest thief of all time and his equally b@d@$$ wife, Imelda Marcos, with the biggest shoe collection in the world. The exact number of the shoes varies anywhere between 3,000 to 8,000 pairs but that doesn’t really f@#$*n’ matter does it? The minute you can go for a full year without wearing the same shoe twice is effin’ excessive.
Ferdinand Marcos
Ferdinand Marcos - declaring Martial Law
Now, much as it is utterly appalling to be known for this insane thievery spree, you have to admit that these mothereffers took thievery, human injustice, social climbing and wealth hoarding to whole new level of sh!t. The bar is so high, angels can rest their legs on it.
Ferdinand Emmanuel Edralin Marcos started his criminal life early. His father, Don Mariano Marcos was an assemblyman and representative of Ilocos Norte. In 1935, Ferdinand Marcos was 18, his father lost to his political enemy, Julio Nalundasan in the local elections. Shortly after the declaration of victory, Nalundasan was shot dead. Marcos, along with his father and two uncles, were arrested and charged with murder of Julio Nalundasan in 1938.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Ronald Ventura: Prepare For A Nosebleed

[Originally posted April 2010]
Don’t f$%#in’ say I didn’t warn you.
Let me begin by saying this week’s feature is about a Filipino internationally recognized painter, Ronald Ventura. Now, if that doesn’t automatically launch you to stratospheric heights of high-faluting madness where oxygen is so rare that it makes your brain explode and nose, ears and eyes bleed, here is more.  Someone from the New York gallery industry said that Ventura’s work, despite his penetration of the international market, perfectly illustrates the Philippine culture: It is a complex layering of images that on some level allude to the multifaceted identity of the Philippines, with influences from (different) cultures. His subjects are very contemporary—hip young people, tattoos, graffiti, cartoons from Japan and the US. All this gives the works a very urban vibe. Yet underneath this there are a lot of references to history and cultural evolution, and to a sometimes conflicted sense of national and personal identity. That’s what reveals a real depth that goes beyond the edgy subject matter.
Did I lose you already? Let me translate it to a language you will understand.
His work sells for $850,000.

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Manny Pacquiao: The Standard By Which Everyone Is Bound To Be Measured

Originally posted Feb 2010

While I feel relatively confident that I can probably just post that Time Magazine cover by itself with maybe a picture of this crazy b@st@rd standing over the body of Oscar De La Hoya and it will tell the story, over the years you guys have come to expect a minimum word count from me on these sorts of articles, so perhaps some more stuff on the subject is in order.

Back in the dark days of late 90s, when the terrifying demons of the Arroyo administration possessed much of the country in its unbreakable curse, San Miguel Corporation sponsored a boxing “reality show” titled Blow by Blow. This underrated but totally epic show goes around the country hoping to capture a good raw boxing match. Well, they freakin’ overshoot! They effin’ found the boxer that would end the gaddam careers of the best fu***n’ fighters boxing has ever known – DE LA HOYA, HATTON, MARQUEZ, and MORALES f*c**n’ twice.

Efren Penaflorida: First Pinoy CNN Hero of the Year

Originally posted on February 2010
With the mother nature’s continuous landscaping project in the country, I feel morally obligated to mention at least one heartwarming story of heroism we have going for no other reason than to make us feel some semblance of hope that all is not lost.
Efren Penaflorida – one of the toughest and most undersung heroes in Philippine history, and a crazy kickass teacher who routinely (and boldly) goes where no man has gone before.
Efren Penaflorida posing before his billboard in LA, California

Onel De Guzman: He Brought Microsoft Down On Its Knees, ha!

Over a five-hour period, May 4, 2000, the I LOVE YOU virus spread across Asia, Europe and the United States via e-mail messages titled “ILOVEYOU.” The menace clogged Web servers, overwrote personal files and caused corporate IT managers to shut down e-mail systems.
CNN reported that the virus swept through banks, security firms, and Web companies. McAfee estimated that 60 to 80 percent of its Fortune 100 clients were infected by the virus. They scrambled to produce a patch that will detect the virus.

Onel De Guzman - creator of ILOVEYOU virus

Erik Spoelstra: He is Miami Heat’s Head Coach, Hot and Pinoy

Originally published on Feb 2010
Three names are consistently and perhaps internationally recognized as NBA hardcores – Tim Hardaway, Shaquille O’ Neil and Dwayne Wade. These three launch themselves in the air with ease and grace you’ll think there is an invisible staircase that moves around with them. They brave the face of their opponents no matter the height, size and shape. They outrun, outwit and freakin’ outplay anyone who gets in their way to shooting the ball. They are conditioned, trained and motivated it would probably take Superman in steroids to beat them on the court.
If you think they got to where they are because they were born with it, you couldn’t be more wrong.
One man always stands a couple of feet away who knew their potential way before the world did, who found ways how to improve their weakness and hone their strengths. He was the almighty god-of-their-basketball-universe be all and end all coach and he is one heck of a proud Pinoy – Erik Spoelstra.

ERIK SPOELSTRA - Miami Heat Head Coach Proud Pinoy
Erik does not own a blackbelt in any martial arts, have never been to the prison for more than a couple of overnighters and certainly did not fight any rebel in any country but he, without an ounce of doubt, is a balls-out effin’ guy who exert absolutely insane courage than the lead character of of Kill Bill put in the middle of professional UFC fighters, true Japanese Ninja and Muntinlupa lunatics.
At 38, Erik became the youngest NBA head coach. It comes with both prestige and responsibility. He is not new to the game. His mother, Elisa Celino, is pure Pinay and hails from Laguna. His father, Jon Spoelstra, is a long time NBA executive for Portland Trail Blazers, Denver Nuggets and New Jersey Nets. Erik played basketball for the Jesuit High School in Portland, University of of Portland, and coached and played for Tus Herten, a German professional team. He almost played for the PBA, which he says now, in hindsight he wished pushed through.
I took my time in writing this article. After the first seven personalities I wrote about, I had to find someone we can really be proud of. Erik fits this. He is the kind of Pinoy who doesn’t feel the need prove to everyone he is Pinoy because, for him, it is so gadam obvious.
His beginnings in the NBA is not glamorous, though. The legendary Pat Riley took him in as Miami Heat’s video coordinator. Erik didn’t know what the job entailed then. Turns out, he was to be in-charged of preparing scouting tapes for the team in 1995. Erik didn’t waste time in displaying some badass attitude towards his work. He was cited by Sports Illustrated for honing stars like Dwayne Wade’s shooting balance and smoothing out his release after the Flash’s return from the Athens Olympics.
Two years later he was named Assistant Coach/Video Coordinator, then promoted to Assistant Coach/Advance Scout in 1999. He became the Assistant Coach/Director of Scouting in 2001.On April of 2008, Erik Spoelstra (known to the players as “Coach Spo”) was then named successor to Pat Riley as head coach of the Miami Heat.
That story sounded simple but the work on how he got there is not. When he was scouting, he spent 20 to 25 nights a month out on the road for two years. He goes from one city to another trailing a team and writes up a report on what they do, assess individual players, make a recommendation on who to get and who to pass. On his hands, lies the NBA future of many many talents out there. Without his eye and brains, NBA would be naught in several years. He has no contact with the team he is working for other than the report he is sending.

Erik calls the shots, how cool is that?!
That’s a pretty giant mind f$%k if you ask me. Being away from home 96% of the time can move you past insanity and into the demonic world of boredom but not Erik. He didn’t just remain awesome, he managed to become great all of the gad@m time. He managed to turn the job into his advantage, he learned so many different coaching philosophies, ways of doing things, offensive and defensive schemes and ways of communicating and coaching and teaching players.
Erik is also one of those responsible for turning the basketball into a science – a game of statistical probabilities and of floor strategies. He proved that everything can be learned including opponents to beat them at their own style of play. He developed a proprietary software, a statistical database that accumulates as much information as they can for assessment. He is also in the process of putting their 300-page playbook in a notebook that players can flip through. He also wants to put it in iTouch recognizing that many players are gadget freaks. He knows it’s another way to communicate with the players. So, he is putting diagrams of plays, motivational quotes, articles about the players, and even on people with interesting lives that we can relate to.
Riley credits Erik for recognizing the use of technology in bringing fresh new ideas in the handling a team without forgetting the fact that it ends up being about the players and their performance. I don’t know about you but a simple analysis of how I should train for a freakin’ 10K run gives me a headache in titanic proportion let alone come up with a technical program where an entire NBA team worth more than my soul could give me instant clinical insanity.
To Erik, though, it’s just part of the job.
Erik is filling Pat Riley’s gigantic shoes having coached the Lakers to four NBA titles led the New York Knicks to the NBA Finals and steered the Heat to the championship in 2006. He is also a Hall of Famer.
The greatness of Erik ain’t gonna come in this decade, maybe not even in the next. His greatness as another proud Pinoy is a different story though.

... and he is single

Juan Pajota: The Pinoy More B@dass Than Chuck Norris

Originally posted on February 26, 2010
In 1942, Japanese where kicking the Americans’ @$$es so hard, $h!t were starting to come out of their mouths. The Japs bombed Pearl Harbor down to every single-cell life form and are swinging their seemingly Sauron-forged samurais on malaria-stricken American soldiers in the Philippines. The Japs ended up having 75,000 American and Pilipino Prisoners of War. Man, they were pumped!… and shocked.
The Japs believed (still do) that captivity is way below hell’s standards. They would rather die and suffer the consequence of committing the unforgivable sin than suffer in shame on the hands of the enemies. They were at their wits end on what to do with the 75K POWs they had. They didn’t have resources and certainly no desire to take care of them. So they figured, why not make them walk 90 kms, from Bataan to Cabanatuan, just because they freakin’ feel like doin’ so and while they were at it, why not hit them, stab them, cut their freakin’ throats and heads, shoot them, rape them, and refuse to give them food or water for a week. That’ll kill them, right? Or not.
Bataan Death March 1942
On the Bataan Death March, approximately 54,000 of the 75,000 prisoners reached their destination. The death toll of the march is difficult to assess as thousands of captives were able to escape from their guards. All told, approximately 5,000–10,000 Filipino and 600–650 American prisoners of war died before they could reach Camp O'Donnell
Apparently some 53,000 had the ability to not die and it enraged the Japs even more. So they turned those left alive to slaves making them work, giving them no food or water or medicine until they die. Hitler would have been put to shame.
By 1945, Americans were pissed off. They were shamed enough, that’s a given so they had nothing to lose. So Lt. Gen. Walter Krueger, assigned the 6th Ranger Battalion stationed in the Pacific to prepare themselves for a mathaf$%k!n’ raid.
Lt. Col. Henry A. Mucci, a 1936 West Point graduate, was all set to send his men and him to infiltrate the Japs camp about 30 miles behind enemy lines, assault the Cabanatuan POW Camp, liberate the prisoners and return them safely to U.S. lines before the Japanese could mount a counterattack.
One man, though, came forward and said “Yo, no disrespect, but don’t do that unless you’re on a fu$%!n mission to bury your men and what is left of your honor 80ft below the ground.” That man is JUAN PAJOTA.
Juan "Hardcore" Pajota
Mucci didn’t listen at first and no one can blame him, they know for a fact that a “Kill-All” prisoner of war policy, ordering all Japanese prison guards to execute American POWs rather than let them fall into US hands, was in effect. The order was to kill every single POW in any way possible – mass bombing, poisonous smoke, poisons, drowning, decapitation, rape, pluck out every single bodily organ they have while they were alive. It doesn’t freakin’ matter as long as it’s done.
Aight, that’s screwed.
Pajota, however, knew that an unprepared, unplanned raid driven by anger instead of strategy will only make matters worse. Not only will the POWs be killed, the soldiers that are supposed to rescue the prisoners will die as well. Pajota is not about to let that $h!t fly, not on his freakin’ watch.
Americans had to listen. This is, afterall, the h@rd@ss m0th3rf#$%3r who, when the Americans and Filipino forces surrendered in Bataan decided he ain’t gonna kiss anyone’s ass nor does he plan on getting his country and himself @$$fu#$ed. With virtually no weapons, no food, no money, he used pure badassery in raiding Japanese positions in as many places as he could go to. He burned those chinkey-eyed TV-inventing m0th3rfu#$3rs alive, kicked them in their tiny b@ll$, and broke their necks with his bare hands left, right and effin’ center.
Cabanatuan Great Raid Map
Cabanatuan Great Raid Map
Other generals agreed his ass is as tough as superman’s insignia that they promoted him as captain of the guerrillas in Nueva Ecija, his hometown. Well, he owned the place to the core. He made sure he gets to know every person, place, street, house, establishment, animal, insect, effin’ dust like the back of his freakin’ hand. He knew the place so well, he could go around the town through backflips without stopping with his eyes closed and a cigarette on his effin’ mouth!
The Americans said “Aight, you had us at effin’ hello. You lead us.” Well, Pajota came to represent. With the help of another badass Pinoy guerrilla army leader, Eduardo Joson, he asked the villagers to help them cover these towering Americans so they could sneak in deep into enemy lines. Pajota knew the terrains, he knew where to go when to go. They walked, crawled, rolled on the safest routes Pajota knew and the villagers took them in like effin’ streetkids every time they needed some rest and food. The villagers even agreed to device ways on how to keep the dogs from barking at the unfamiliar Americans. After several days of traveling, Pajota had the Americans in striking distance of the camp.
POWs on Carts
POWs on Carts
Okay, just keep in mind that this was the ‘40s. M-1 Garand rifle and M-1 carbine were considered a killing machine. Getting new resources in a place like the Philippines would take a week. Well, they didn’t have a week. They didn’t even have an effin’ day! Mucci had to carry a f$%&in’ .45 caliber pistol to the raid. Outstanding.
While moving the Americans, coordinating with locals, strategizing the raid, communicating with American generals, Pajota also managed to obtain the latest intelligence, collect enough carabao carts to transport liberated POWs too weak to walk back and prepare enough food for several hundred men. Mucci was itching to bring those Japs down but Pajota asked for one more day in order to gather additional intelligence and to allow time for a large force of Japanese transiting the area to depart.
On January 30th, the plan went into action.
The main Ranger force planned to hit the camp from two sides. The camp was relatively lightly guarded but a large force of 8,000 Japanese was camped on the far side of the river. Pajota didn’t see this as a problem, they can kill the holy h3ll out of these Japs so he volunteered his men to defend the bridge and hold off the Japanese counterattack as long as possible. Pajota got his men into position, wired the bridge with explosives, and prepared for a fight. On Pajota’s recommendation, a P-61 night fighter was scheduled to fly overhead just prior to the attack as a distraction.
At 1945 hours, Murphy fired the first shot with his almighty .45 caliber pistol, indicating 2nd Platoon of Company F was in position at the rear of the camp, the signal for the attack to commence. The Rangers went into rage like demented dragons in sugar overload.
Pajota’s men were cool like James Dean on a Calvin Klein photoshoot. They fired on the Japanese battalion in the bivouac next to Cabu Creek while the Ranger bazooka teams knocked out two tanks and a truck.
In less than 15 minutes, resistance inside the POW compound had been eliminated. They rescued 513 US POWs and were loaded up onto wooden carts which were pulled by water buffalos and driven by Pilipino villagers procured by Pajota and his men
You think that was it? Hell no.
The Japs swarmed the bridge where Pajota’s men were positioned. Pajota detonated the explosives but that didn’t destroy the bridge. It, however, created enough damage to not allow any tank to safely cross. Well, Japs were simply on it to death. Remember, they would rather burn in hell than surrender so they charged with no other end in mind that kill someone or kill themselves trying.
Pajota and his men were outnumbered – 1000 is to 1. Pajota didn’t give a f$%&. They shoot every Japs on sight and killed anyone who comes close with their bare hands. One Filipino soldier even took down four tanks. They didn’t stop until they Americans were safe. There were 21 Filipinos wounded in the battle and 4 Americans were killed, while 523 Japanese soldiers were killed or wounded.
I wouldn’t care to mention the recognition they got from the Americans because as far as I am concerned, no recognition is even close to the vicinity of what they should get for what they did for a race that, we have to admit it, SOMETIMES, still looks down on Pinoys. Well, they look down on each other, what do Pinoys expect? Pajota and his men risked their lives, the people in the village risked their lives all to save the POWs.
Because of Pajota, his men and the local villagers, 513 families got their son/husband/brother back into their home. A prospect they almost gave up on.
That’s one hell of an act, one hell of a heart, one hell of a spirit, in one hell of a man. You don’t get any more hardcore and any kinder than that.

12 Things About Arnel That Truly Rocks

Arnel Pineda - Journey's frontman
"Arnelly" to some of his friends
Y’all know the story of world’s Rock and Roll Fairytale – Arnel Pineda. There is no sense in writing about it all over again.
Instead, I will tell you stuff no one else knows except a few who are very close to him. Things that are bound to make you feel even more proud of being brown.
1. He has been offered a citizenship by Journey. He declined because he doesn’t see the sense in changing his nationality. Changing his passport will not change the color of his skin nor the cells in his blood and even if it will, why the h3ll would he want to. He is Pinoy and millions and millions of people go to Journey’s concert and it’s his voice they listen to, a Pinoy’s voice. So, why would he want to change his nationality again?
2. Most the TV shows where Journey appeared actually just wanted him, not really the whole band. It was his story they wanted to roll with. Apparently, it is “Journey’s rule” to never allow anyone in the band to fly solo.
3. He didn’t finish school and it is, perhaps, the only regret he has in his life. He is now setting up an NGO to be named AP foundation that will concentrate on providing education to street kids. He figured youtube has a lot of videos in there and it is easy to not notice other talents out there. His fans in the US already set one up. He is looking for volunteers. If you are interested, contact me. My email is somewhere in this site.
4. He is the most un-rockstar rockstar you can find. He neither drinks nor smokes even if it comes free with the territory. Rockstars are supposed to get insanely wasted and use that as an excuse whenever he thrashes hotel rooms and rip venues apart right? Well, I ain’t big on drinking but I like alcohol in my system every now and then. Man, Arnel is just clean. He gets into airplanes more often than he drinks alcohol. He is not big on soda or iced tea or any of those artificial juices. His favourite drinks are water and soy milk.That is how this rockstar chooses to roll.
Arnel Pineda and Neil Schon
The whole band was actually forced to go back to the gym because they couldn't keep up with Arnel's energy on stage
5. He is big on vegetables, fruits and fish. Yes, good ‘ol fashion hideous plants that a lot of children think is meant for animals give Arnel the energy he uses to leap like gadam hulk in steroids and sing like the retention of his b@ll$ depends on it. Those who work with artists know that it is almost a tradition to call up the artist’s handler to ask what kind of food the artist likes. His staple request is vegetable salad and fruits. He eats meat alright but he is not big on it. So if there are children reading this blog (sweet jezuz i hope none), go crazy on greens. It can turn you into a rock star.
6. He sounds more like Bryan Adams than he does Steve Perry. His natural singing voice that is. Nowadays, he doesn’t even bother to sound like Steve Perry anymore and people are responding better. His voice is more husky and more rockstar-like.
7. He is very thrifty. He doesn’t splurge on material things nor does he spoil his children. He says that his children was fine when he hardly had anything so he doesn’t see the need to change. They live in a better house, they have cars, and are in a better school. That, for him, should be more than enough.
8. Most of his clothes and accessories are provided to him for free. He has this kick@$s belt (that I wanted to steal) that was just rockstar cool. A fan asked for it and said “i’ll show you my boobs”. Guess what Arnel did – no, really, guess. Leave a comment or email me if you want to know.
9. He still carries his own clothes to shoots and shows.
10. He loves Chuck Taylors. He says the best place to buy is HongKong.
11. He is small, 5’4″ at best. U.S. size is still sometimes too big for him. He wears the female size in the U.S. if the need be. He usually gets his clothes from Affliction and Juicy Couture.
12. He is the only Filipino to ever have a 7-page spread on GQ. Do you have a copy of that?
Arnel Pineda - Proud Pinoy
Arnel says Journey takes care of him well. He couldn't ask for more
photos courtesy of

Originally Published on March 14, 2010