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12 Things About Arnel That Truly Rocks

Arnel Pineda - Journey's frontman
"Arnelly" to some of his friends
Y’all know the story of world’s Rock and Roll Fairytale – Arnel Pineda. There is no sense in writing about it all over again.
Instead, I will tell you stuff no one else knows except a few who are very close to him. Things that are bound to make you feel even more proud of being brown.
1. He has been offered a citizenship by Journey. He declined because he doesn’t see the sense in changing his nationality. Changing his passport will not change the color of his skin nor the cells in his blood and even if it will, why the h3ll would he want to. He is Pinoy and millions and millions of people go to Journey’s concert and it’s his voice they listen to, a Pinoy’s voice. So, why would he want to change his nationality again?
2. Most the TV shows where Journey appeared actually just wanted him, not really the whole band. It was his story they wanted to roll with. Apparently, it is “Journey’s rule” to never allow anyone in the band to fly solo.
3. He didn’t finish school and it is, perhaps, the only regret he has in his life. He is now setting up an NGO to be named AP foundation that will concentrate on providing education to street kids. He figured youtube has a lot of videos in there and it is easy to not notice other talents out there. His fans in the US already set one up. He is looking for volunteers. If you are interested, contact me. My email is somewhere in this site.
4. He is the most un-rockstar rockstar you can find. He neither drinks nor smokes even if it comes free with the territory. Rockstars are supposed to get insanely wasted and use that as an excuse whenever he thrashes hotel rooms and rip venues apart right? Well, I ain’t big on drinking but I like alcohol in my system every now and then. Man, Arnel is just clean. He gets into airplanes more often than he drinks alcohol. He is not big on soda or iced tea or any of those artificial juices. His favourite drinks are water and soy milk.That is how this rockstar chooses to roll.
Arnel Pineda and Neil Schon
The whole band was actually forced to go back to the gym because they couldn't keep up with Arnel's energy on stage
5. He is big on vegetables, fruits and fish. Yes, good ‘ol fashion hideous plants that a lot of children think is meant for animals give Arnel the energy he uses to leap like gadam hulk in steroids and sing like the retention of his b@ll$ depends on it. Those who work with artists know that it is almost a tradition to call up the artist’s handler to ask what kind of food the artist likes. His staple request is vegetable salad and fruits. He eats meat alright but he is not big on it. So if there are children reading this blog (sweet jezuz i hope none), go crazy on greens. It can turn you into a rock star.
6. He sounds more like Bryan Adams than he does Steve Perry. His natural singing voice that is. Nowadays, he doesn’t even bother to sound like Steve Perry anymore and people are responding better. His voice is more husky and more rockstar-like.
7. He is very thrifty. He doesn’t splurge on material things nor does he spoil his children. He says that his children was fine when he hardly had anything so he doesn’t see the need to change. They live in a better house, they have cars, and are in a better school. That, for him, should be more than enough.
8. Most of his clothes and accessories are provided to him for free. He has this kick@$s belt (that I wanted to steal) that was just rockstar cool. A fan asked for it and said “i’ll show you my boobs”. Guess what Arnel did – no, really, guess. Leave a comment or email me if you want to know.
9. He still carries his own clothes to shoots and shows.
10. He loves Chuck Taylors. He says the best place to buy is HongKong.
11. He is small, 5’4″ at best. U.S. size is still sometimes too big for him. He wears the female size in the U.S. if the need be. He usually gets his clothes from Affliction and Juicy Couture.
12. He is the only Filipino to ever have a 7-page spread on GQ. Do you have a copy of that?
Arnel Pineda - Proud Pinoy
Arnel says Journey takes care of him well. He couldn't ask for more
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Originally Published on March 14, 2010

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